Biotechnology Core

The Biotechnology Core is comprised of technology and engineering professionals that span a broad depth and breadth of technical expertise and experience.

Below is a brief highlight of scientific contributions made by our associates over the course of their careers spanning scientific publications as well as presentations at scientific meetings and conferences highlighting the diversity and complexity of project experience they bring to our multidisciplinary team.


  • Associates in the Press: The career contributions made by our multidisciplinary team of associates can be seen in the body of scientific literature where our team members have been cited.
  • Associates in the Spotlight: In addition to their scientific publications, our multidisciplinary team members have participated extensively in sharing their insight and expertise at meetings and conference around the globe.

Unique Features

The integrated and focused combination of science, technology, and business backgrounds of our team members, not only distinguish us as a group, but further extend our capability to support your ongoing life science related project needs.

Additionally, the lean and dynamic company model allows for rapid project team nucleation, encompassing the specific capabilities needed to support individual project objectives.

Each project represents a unique opportunity with its own set of challenges and hurdles. We assess every potential project thoroughly so as to best gauge each individual client’s project needs and how we may best serve them.

Request a complimentary project assessment and ask us how we may best support your individual data/project needs.