Steven Munevar – President and CEO of Munevar & Associates, Inc.

Spotlight: Dr. Steven Munevar is the President and CEO of Munevar & Associates, Inc. As the founder, Dr. Munevar is focused on connecting life science innovations and discoveries made at the research bench to the patient bedside through technology development and commercialization.

  • “I felt that the silos I saw separating development and commercialization were not helpful in bridging the research bench to the patient bedside.”

To this end, Dr. Munevar set about to create a multidisciplinary resource that leveraged expertise in biomedical science, bio-engineering, and business management.

  • “As a bioengineer, I utilized valuable tools and analytical methodologies that I felt could be significantly leveraged towards overcoming life science translation and development hurdles.”

Interesting: Dr. Munevar is actively involved in the entrepreneurial community and works to support and cultivate nascent entrepreneurs through a variety of outreach and mentoring activities. Dr. Munevar is also a strong proponent of the arts and the immense value they can bring, through their creative nature, to all aspects of one’s life.

  • “Work/Life balance is important to cultivating the insight, energy, and drive necessary to meet the dynamic challenges facing entrepreneurs.”
  • “Whereas science and technology may feed one part of the mind, music and art provide the nourishment to feed our imaginations and inspire creativity.

Background: Dr. Munevar hails from a diverse background that spans science, technology, and business. Recognizing early in his career the value of coupling these three disciplines toward bridging bench to bedside, he set about pursuing a non-traditional path of combining technology with biology and adding to this a strong business foundation. Taken together, these distinct elements have led to the synergistic creation of the company’s unique multidisciplinary capabilities.

  • Ph.D. – Biomedical scientist with an emphasis on cellular and molecular physiology and cell biology
  • M.B.A. – Business management with a focus on new venture creation and commercialization
  • B.S. – Bioengineer with emphasis on biomedical devices and biomimetic materials
  • “Although not considered prudent at the time, coupling my biomedical science and bioengineering background with a strong business foundation, I felt would further help me to break down the barriers separating translation and commercialization.”
  • “Following your internal compass may take you to some strange and interesting places at times but ultimately it’s your compass so it’s going to get you to where you need to be”.

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