Andrew Johnson – Entrepreneur in Residence: Sensei of Strategy/Holder of Knowledge/Team MVP

Spotlight: Dr. Andrew Johnson is the Munevar & Associates, Inc., Entrepreneur in Residence. Bringing 20 years of product management, business development, and technical expertise leading emerging and established companies to commercialization in proteomics, genomics and pharmacodynamics/ pharmacokinetics our EIR, Dr. Johnson truly embodies the “master” entrepreneur.

Interesting: We are truly excited to have Dr. Johnson join our Munevar & Associate, Inc., family and share his experience and expertise with our clients. You can learn more about Dr. Johnson and gain further insight into all things life science commercialization at his blog: UpStart Life Sciences

Background: Dr. Johnson’s experience and expertise have served to yield unique strategies and tactics to quickly address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that large (PerkinElmer), medium (Harvard Bioscience) and small (Protein Forest) companies face when building their business. Further, he has:

  • Led cross-functional new product development teams on both national and international levels in both the genomics and proteomics marketplaces
  • Participated in corporate strategy development, reporting directly to the CEO and meeting regularly with the Board of Directors and investor analysts 
  • Played a key role in acquisitions by analyzing the commercial potential of target companies, sales projection modeling, and presenting ‘Go/No-Go’ recommendations to senior management  
  • Recently led the successful commercialization of a proteomic biomarker discovery platform (instrument, reagent kits and software) which ultimately led to a successful sales outcome ($600K in first 6 months) contributing to the acquisition of the company

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