Your Personalized Life Science Information and Analysis Resource

Data driven decision making is key to strategic planning, but sourcing the information you need, in the quantity desired, AND on demand can be a challenge. We believe that information should not be a barrier to moving your life science projects forward, but rather a launching pad.

To this end, we have a created a new family of products and services to bring data, expertise and experience to you, when and where you need it most. Our new information super portal is fast, easy, scalable, economic, and customizable. Below, you will find our five new product family members descriptions along with examples for each.

Information, analysis, expertise, and experience – On Demand:

  1. Focused Informational Requests – Information research and synopsis spanning focused and specific questions, advancements, and areas of interest in the life science space delivered as a concise 1 – 5 page electronic document: $250.00 USD – $450.00 USD.
    • “What makes a stem cell a stem cell and what makes different types of stem cells different?”
    • “What is RNAi and how does it work?”
    • “Are there any publications on gene ( – ) and what are they?”
  2. Customized Directed Short Reports – Topical research and synopsis spanning areas of interest in the life science research, development, and commercialization space delivered as a concise 5 – 50 page electronic document: $550.00 USD – $5,500.00 USD.
    • Oncology
    • Genomics
    • Diagnostics/Biomarkers
  3. Targeted Resource Navigation – Research and identification of important resources (i.e. tools, service providers) in the pursuit of your life science research, development, and commercialization efforts delivered as a concise 1 – 3 page resource matrix delivered as an electronic document: $250.00 USD – $450.00 USD.
    • CROs
    • Academic labs
    • Assay specific kits or providers
  4. Virtual Expert Conferencing – Directly connect with life science professionals to discuss your questions and receive valuable feedback and perspective toward your life science research, development, and commercialization efforts delivered as virtual meetings beginning with a $50 connectivity fee and one hour blocks added at $250.00 USD/ per block (minimum one block).
    • Connect with one or multiple experts as needed ($200.00 USD charge additional per additional expert per block per hour)
    • Add connectivity time in one hour blocks as needed
    • Reconnect with previous experts and continue conversation as needed (subject to availability)
  5. Personalized Project Builder – Through this option, you can build the type of resource that best serves your purposes at a given point in time.  Personalized project are independently quoted based on depth, breadth, and complexity of request.
    • Perhaps a customized report or specific resource inquiry followed by some direct connect time to discuss the findings
    • The personalized project builder option allows you to custom design a project resource that best fits your specific needs, timeline, and budget
    • These can also be iterative so as to allow you to maximize how and where you apply the output over time

Once you have selected the product and/or service that best fits your information needs the following three easy steps is all it takes to get you on your way to data driven decision making:

Step 1 – Complete the request form below with your contact information and project selection.  Please provide us as much detail as possible when completing your project description as this will help us to best frame and expedite your project request.  Following receipt of your request, it may be necessary to contact you so as to better help us understand your project needs and develop an appropriate project work order.

Step 2 – Once a work order has been developed and reviewed, we will forward it to you for your approval.  This is your opportunity to fine tune your request so as to ensure that your specific questions/request best reflects your needs.  At this stage, you can provide additional information and/or fine tune your request and return it to us for re-review.  Once the work order meets with your satisfaction, you can approve it to initiation of the work process.

Step 3 – Upon approval, you will receive a PayPal link for your work order. Once we have received notification of payment, your work order will begin and proceed as per the work order instructions and time line.  When your work order is complete, you will receive a notice and a confirmation as to delivery of your work order.

That’s it – 3 fast and easy steps and you are on your way*.

*Please note this is a generalized workflow and may be adjusted as needed for custom project requests and virtual expert conferencing.

What could you do with a multidisciplinary team of life science professionals at the ready to support your information/resource needs? How far could your projects go with a fast, dynamic, and cost effective resource coupling scientific and technical expertise and experience with commercialization insight and perspective?

Imagine a new way to connect with and source vital information and analysis, as well as expertise and insight when and where you need it most?

I invite you to take the first step towards starting your very own life science information revolution today – together, we can make science, work.

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