Life Science Partners

The Life Science Solutions Pathway was envisioned by Munevar & Associates, Inc. as a a way to leverage our strategic life science partners into a resource by which the company could extend the depth and breadth of support provided to clients towards the ongoing development and commercialization of life science centered innovations.

Although closely integrated, allowing for tightly coupled efficient and effective cross-service support, the Life Science Solutions Pathway is also designed to be highly modular. The modular aspect of the pathway allows clients to utilize the resources most readily required to address immediate objectives toward specific development or commercialization milestones while having the next tier of services at the ready to support them as they move forward.

Taken together the tightly integrated, yet highly modular, nature of the Life Science Solutions Pathway creates a new paradigm in the process by which breakthroughs at the bench are transformed in cutting edge life science products and services. Currently, the Life Science Solutions Pathway is comprised of:

Exemplar Companies:

The corner stone of the foundation supporting the development and commercialization of novel life science products and services is a sound legal infrastructure. A strong legal team can be a valuable and active contributor to a company’s ongoing growth and success. To this end, we have developed a strategic partnership with a sister-company that has pioneered a new paradigm in fixed, value-based pricing and the first to combine the disciplines of law, business, and investment banking, this company is Exemplar.

SCiSOURCE Life Science Sales:

Developing sales channels, connecting with customers, presenting value-propositions, and closing new deals are vital steps toward moving new technologies into the market. To this end, we have developed a strategic partnership with a sister-company that provides cost-effective outsourced sales capabilities, uniquely enabled to leverage sales in a more strategic manner while closing orders faster, this company is SCiSOURCE.

MMR Group Life Science International:

Expanding market share is often a daunting task for newer companies seeking to capitalize on growth opportunities across the globe. Yet, as we move towards an ever more interconnected “global market” realizing international opportunities has become an ever more viable growth strategy. To this end, we have developed a strategic partnership with a sister-company that provides a comprehensive suite of services that lowers market entry costs freeing up valuable resources and executive time while providing a more effective route to revenue creation those traditional in-house alternatives, this company is the MMR Group.