Life Science Sales

Sales is the life blood of any organization be it products or services. Developing novel technologies and crafting strong business development plans is still only half the battle – a viable sales strategy and implementation plan is still critical for a company to realize true success.

Developing sales channels, connecting with customers, presenting value-propositions, and closing new deals are vital steps toward moving new technologies into the market.

SCiSOURCE has assembled teams of senior level Sales Executives with a company model designed specifically to draw upon their unique abilities. Uniquely tooled and supported, this model serves to increase productivity, profitability, and sales effectiveness over existing standard sales models.  Their Senior Sales Development Professionals throughout the globe are uniquely enabled to leverage sales in a more strategic and cost effective manner while closing orders faster.

Sales Options are available for the following Life Science arenas:

  • Life Science Research Tools, Systems, and Contract Services
  • Clinical Diagnostics Systems, Kits, Tools & Reagents
  • Medical & Surgical Products


SCiSOURCE Sales Models:

  • Shared Resource Model: Semi-Direct Sales Team Model utilizing Shared-Cost Model to support a “micro-portfolio” of clientele
  • Flat Rate Model: Retain Reps quickly and anywhere with improvements on traditional independent rep models that guarantee support for your’ product or service

Shared Resource Model

SCiSOURCE created the Shared-Resource Model to be used today. This model is simple to deploy, and easy to for budget as it keeps the costs of building, managing and maintaining a dedicated hired and experienced North American Sales Team down to as low as 15% of the cost of building and managing your own team.

Utilizing our Shared-Outsourcing Model, the Risks & Costs of Building Sales Teams are normalized and shared amongst a non-competing Portfolio of Clients. SCiSOURCE takes on the cost & risks associated with recruitment, hiring, tooling, benefit provision, team expansion and management. This gives us greater “buying power” for acquiring and providing these sales tools to our field personnel. We strive to provide “Best-In-Class” Sales Representation by retaining the best and most connected talent in the industry.

Also, all Human Resources, Payroll, and Management is handled by SCiSOURCE uniquely for each state in which a representative lives and works.  We will grow your Sales Organization in a very strategic and modular method. Our job is to build national and/or international teams to suit your needs and sales objectives.

Flat Rate Model

SCiSOURCE has also created a truly unique Flat-Rate Sales Model. This model enables rapid deployment or disengagement, is VERY easy to budget for, and provides for International Sales Support Options.

Our Flat-Rate Model provides even greater flexibility through shorter-term contracts (4 month), optimal territory selection, and “Sales Retainer Guarantee.” Also available are Hourly and Project-based Models.

Our Flat-Rate Model enables you to select regions wherein you determine you need the most Business Development and/or Sales support. Start small and grow as you believe you are fiscally enabled. Strategically target specific territories or utilize SCiSOURCE to fill in (either short-or-long term) regions where your sales could use enhancement. Contract Business Development and Sales Experts are available for renewable 4 month terms in countries throughout the globe.

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