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A New Paradigm in Professional Services

For decades business leaders have been calling for a firm that prices on value and can solve complex problems across disciplines. Enter Exemplar, the first in the nation to exclusively adopt fixed, value-based pricing and the first to combine the disciplines of law, business, and investment banking.

Fixed, Value-Based Pricing

Exemplar’s fixed and predictable value-based pricing is designed to better align our interest with yours, enabling you to better manage your budgets and optimize the value you receive. We scope each engagement together with you, agree on the price in advance, and back it up with a Service Guarantee.

Primary Care Professional Services:

  • Yesterday’s professional services firm solves problems like an emergency room, in silos, providing an expensive and unsustainable model for servicing growing mid-market companies
  • Exemplar’s unprecedented combination of law, business, and investment banking allows us to deploy a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems and leveraging opportunities for growth that remain hidden to a traditional firm. A sustainable partnership for growth with Primary Care expertise

Your Passport to Growth

Exemplar’s Flexpertise® program provides uniquely proactive open access to expertise across the functional areas of law, business, and capital to help our customers harness external and internal opportunities and manage both known and unforeseen risks.

About The Exemplar Companies

Exemplar is a nationally recognized innovator in professional services specialized in public and private mid-market companies, across the disciplines of corporate law, business consulting, and investment banking.



Our professionals hail from some of the largest and most well respected Fortune 500 companies and law firms in the world, such as GE, AT&T, Paul Hastings, Deloitte, Accenture, Monster, Apple and more.



Exemplar provides services to customers across the nation and abroad, and has professionals in the following Exemplar locations:

  • Boston, MA Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY Washington, D.C.
  • New Orleans, LA Denver, CO

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