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Expanding market share is a daunting task for newer companies seeking to capitalize on growth opportunities across the globe. Yet, as we move towards an ever more interconnected “global market” realizing international opportunities has become an ever more viable growth strategy. Particularly, with such large market opportunities as Japan having the necessary experience and expertise with this market can mean the difference between successful market penetration or failure.

To this end The MMR Group has developed a compressive suite of services geared towards optimizing your international market penetration efforts thereby freeing up valuable organizational resources.

The MMR Group process is broken down into three distinct phase of operation:

  • Phase One: Market Feasibility is a cost effective service to make the initial venture into Japan. We take the time to learn about your product or service and will make high level presentations to key decision makers in Japan.
  • Phase Two: Move to the next level by providing comprehensive new business development on a daily basis. We will work very closely with you to be sure our activities are in perfect alignment with your business strategy. By leveraging our existing network of contacts the time to market is greatly reduced.
  • Phase Three: Address the problem of how to cost effectively maintain relationships with distant customers. We will retain and manage retired Japanese executives whose life long relationships at your customer will provide you with invaluable insight and creditability.

Phase One Market Feasibility

Our Phase One Market Feasibility Service leverages the US Commercial Service Gold Key program and provides you with a highly cost effective process to gauge market acceptance from variety of perspectives. We will meet with actual potential customers and partners in Japan to determine their interest in your company. The insights provided by MMR Group are far superior to typical market studies that relay on published statistics cursory data collection. We get to the heart of the matter by ascertaining real potential customers and partners visceral reaction to your company.

Phase Two Comprehensive Opportunity Development Service

This is our premier service to support companies in opening and growing new markets.  Our Phase Two Comprehensive Opportunity Development Service builds on the findings from Phase One to provide a cost effective alternative to staffing your own office in Japan. During this phase we will leverage our existing network of high level contacts to open doors for your company. We have successfully generated millions of dollars in new business opportunities and established valuable joint marketing agreements for our clients.

Phase Three Relationship Maintenance Service

This service leverages a very unique aspect of the Japanese business world. Japan has mandatory retirement for almost all executives and managers at the age of 60. These retirees have lifelong relationships in their companies and are excellent representatives for foreign companies”.

Our Phase Three Relationship Maintenance Service transitions from new account development to maintain and grow established relationships. Your company will be represented by an experienced executive with lifelong contacts at your customer.

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