Financial Analysis and Funding Strategy Development

A critical corner stone of any successful development and/or commercialization project begins with solid financials. Whether it’s conducing financial due diligence/analysis, developing a funding strategy/plan, or management of financial resources during the development process, finance is a key resource to any project team.

Our financial resource associates will bring their experience spanning the life science centered commercialization both nationally and international to your team. Our team members have contributed their expertise in financial management and strategic business analysis to cross disciplinary teams engaged in discovery, development, and clinical trial of bio-materials, bio-mechanical and neurological devices (among others).

Focused on finance our multidisciplinary team’s expertise and experience can serve to greatly augment your efforts during:

  • Strategic planning and financial analysis
    • Strategic business planning
    • New business opportunities assessment
  • Financial management
    • Interim CFO
    • Profitability and cash flow management
    • Internal control and compliance management
    • Accounting and financial system implementation
  • Funding
    • Preparing investor presentations
    • Researching and identifying funding opportunities
    • Development of funding strategy/plan

    A comprehensive financial strategy is critical to navigating the technology development and commercialization process. The integrated and focused multidisciplinary backgrounds of our team members enable us to support your ongoing development and commercialization efforts, through finance considerations, so as to further enrich the depth and breadth of resources we can offer.