Technology_Sphere MicroboardIf the research bench is the heart life science discoveries then technology is surely the tool-set that drives those advancements. Our Biotechnology Core encompasses biophysicists, bio-computational scientists, bio-engineers, and computer scientists.

Together, the Biotechnology Core is a powerful compliment to the Biomedical Science Core bringing innovative technological tools, applications, and solutions to life science centered development and commercialization challenges.  At the heart of our Biotechnology Core is our growing bio-computational resource called Future Labs.

Computation is rapidly becoming an integral part of life science research and development. Over the next decade, organizations that best integrate the use of computation into their research and development efforts will likely benefit greatly from leveraging this vastly powerful tool.

Additionally, our Biotechnology Core can provide valuable expertise and experience in the implementation and application of life science related technologies such as (among others):

{tab=Research technology/tools}

  • Microscopy tools and applications
  • Research hardware
  • Research software

{tab= Diagnostic/therapeutic devices}

  • Basic research through directed discovery and translation
  • Therapeutics development
  • Medical devices for transplantation

{tab=Medical related materials}

  • Matrices
  • Scaffolds
  • Encapsulation
  • Cell/compound delivery


The Biotechnology Core can not only support but extend the depth and breadth of biological advancements through the complimentary coupling of bio-computational resoruces, technological tools, methodologies, materials, and analytical process.

Life Science Technology Development

Together our Biomedical Science and Biotechnology Cores can  can be a valuable resource to your ongoing project efforts in the areas of (among others):

Life Science Commercialization

Further, our multidisciplinary team, spanning science, technology, and business, can support the business development and commercialization of life science focused technologies through assisting in (among others):

Unique Features

Misc_TissueCultureThe integrated and focused combination of science, technology, and business backgrounds of our team members, not only distinguish us as a group, but further extend our capability to support your ongoing life science related project needs.

Additionally, the lean and dynamic company model allows for rapid project team nucleation, encompassing the specific capabilities needed to support individual project objectives.

Each project represents a unique opportunity with its own set of challenges and hurdles. We assess every potential project thoroughly so as to best gauge each individual client’s project needs and how we may best serve them.

Request a complimentary project assessment and ask us how we may best support your individual data/project needs.