Business Development

Due DiligenceCoupling technology development efforts to rigorously defined and developed commercialization opportunities/targets is key to the efficient and effective translational of advancements made at the research bench into novel and valuable commercial products and services.

It is here where we strive to couple scientific and technical expertise and experience, with commercialization insight and perspective, toward the translation and development of novel life-science centered innovations. Through the direct coupling of scientific expertise with commercialization perspective our team can help drive your efforts from the bench to the market.

Life Science Commercialization

Our Business Development Core seeks to leveraging science and technical professionals that understand the “value-proposition” of novel technologies and engage in support of project objectives such as (among others):

From directed-discovery to new product development through to commercialization our multidisciplinary team’s expertise and experience can further serve to greatly augment your efforts during (among others):

Unique Features

master-of-scienceThe integrated and focused combination of science, technology, and business backgrounds of our team members, not only distinguish us as a group, but further extend our capability to support your ongoing life science related project needs.

Additionally, the lean and dynamic company model allows for rapid project team nucleation, encompassing the specific capabilities needed to support individual project objectives.

Each project represents a unique opportunity with its own set of challenges and hurdles. We assess every potential project thoroughly so as to best gauge each individual client’s project needs and how we may best serve them.

Request a complimentary project assessment and ask us how we may best support your individual data/project needs.

  • Commercialization due diligence support
    • Market research and analysis
  • Business development strategy and business plan development
    • Risk analysis and countermeasure development
    • Financial analysis and funding strategy development
  • Intellectual property landscape survey and strategy development
  • Regulatory considerations and strategy development
  • Commercialization landscape assessment and opportunity evaluation
  • Business development bridge team