Experimental Strategy, Design, and Review of Research Plan

Experimental Strategy and Design of Experimental Research PlanThe second set of important steps centers on the design and development of an experimental strategy and supporting experimental research plans. From developing competitive intelligence to designing a comprehensive research plan our multidisciplinary team possesses the expertise and experience to translate your emerging technology onto a path toward successful development and commercialization.

Hand in hand with conducting thorough biomedical and technological due diligence is the development of a comprehensive and highly targeted experimental strategy and research plan. At the threshold of new biomedical innovations, directed discovery is an important process toward focusing emerging insight into novel breakthroughs. Through the development of a comprehensive research strategy focusing on addressing experimental issues and capturing proof of concept data, advancements at the research bench can be translated into viable new technologies.

At this crucial juncture, it is important to consider how and what experiments will be conducted when considering the overall hypothesis being tested. Further, significant thought will be required to determine what model systems and technological tools are desirable, available, and feasible with regard to developing experimental plans. Lastly, a coordinated design of experimental activities containing all appropriate controls and redundancies as well as a clear data analysis plan will further serve to move emerging insights at the research bench along the developmental pathway.

Experimental Strategy and Design of Experimental Research Plan

  • Develop and/or evaluate experimental strategy
    • Review preliminary data and/or hypothesis and develop experimental strategy geared towards directly testing working hypothesis and/or capturing proof of concept data
  • Develop new and/or adapted target protocols and assays
    • Translate experimental strategy into a comprehensive design of experiment research plan
    • Incorporate existing protocols into experimental research plan and/or adapt existing protocols to experimental strategy
    • Develop de novo assays and protocols geared toward directly supporting experimental strategy
  • Address issues related to experimental research plan – trouble-shoot
    • Review preliminary data with regard to trouble-shooting existing assays and/or protocols
    • Identify potential  experimental research plan short-falls
    • Provide comprehensive and critical review of existing experimental research plans, protocols, and assays

The development of a sound experimental strategy supported by extensive due diligence and focused towards realizable objectives is crucial in the development of emerging technologies at the research bench. Translating this experimental strategy into a comprehensive, thorough, and viable experimental research plan requires extensive research experience and expertise.

Our multidisciplinary team of scientific and technical professionals can play a valuable role in supporting your ongoing experimental strategy, design, and review efforts.