Experimental Results Presentation and Communication

Experimental Results Presentation and CommunicationThe fifth step and linchpin toward successful commercialization is the development and dissemination of scientific information as well as the vehicles for delivering this vital information. Communicating advancements made at the bench are vital for important activities such as presenting experimental results, publication of experimental results, seeking funding support for ongoing research, and creating commercialization opportunities.

Poorly communicated or miss-communicated experimental outcomes/results can have a seriously deleterious effect on the successful development and commercialization of emerging technologies. Further, given the vast differences between the language of science and the language of business, communicating effectively between these two distinct but integrally connected worlds requires both a multidisciplinary as well as cross functional approach.

Experimental Results Presentation and Communication

  • Science focused presentation and communication
    • Critical review of manuscripts, grants, reports
    • Media development for presentation at scientific meetings and conferences
  • Business focused presentation and communication
    • Critical review of business plans, funding proposals, media presentations and communications
    • Media development for presentation at industry events, funding opportunities, general marketing, customer presentations

The rigor of science goes hand in hand with the art of communication. In the absence of strong communication capabilities new technologies will not connect with the necessary resources and support required for further development and commercialization.

Communication, be it written or presented, is important in bringing together the processes associated with technology development and commercialization. Through communication, bridges can be built connecting technology development efforts with commercialization resources that together will serve to successfully translate emerging life science technologies into novel products and services.

It is here that our multidisciplinary team of scientific and business professionals can play a most vital role in taking your message beyond the bench.