Due Diligence

Due DiligenceThe first of these important steps centers on the collection, review, interpretation, and summary of existing scientific data and literature. Through a thorough and comprehensive review of existing scientific publications as well as technical specifications of supporting technology, strong competitive intelligence can be gained toward the development and commercialization of new technologies.

Further, by reviewing available patent information as well as relevant clinical and medical literature a detailed picture of the general state of the field can be developed.

Additionally, this information will be most valuable in determining the potential need for the new technology, identifying target markets and potential competitors, as well as barriers to entry in these markets.

Taken together, a thorough survey of the scientific, technological and competitive landscape, or due diligence, is important not only in developing competitive intelligence but toward the development of strong strategic application plans.

Biomedical and Technological Due Diligence

  • Research, review, interpretation, and summary of available;
    • Biomedical literature – peer reviewed journals
    • Supporting technology – technical specifications and new technology evaluations
    • Available patent information
  • Application of scientific perspective to commercial literature such as:
    • Annual reports
    • Financial disclosures
    • Marketing material
    • Sales materials
    • General press

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals can lend vital insight and perspective toward developing your due diligence picture.