Data Review, Analysis, Interpretation, and Summary

Data Review, Analysis, Interpretation, and SummaryThe fourth driver of translation and development is focused on the rigorous and thorough review, analysis, interpretation, and summary of experimental data.

Once a sound experimental research plan has been developed and implemented the next critical step in the developmental pathway is the thorough and rigorous review, analysis, and interpretation of experimental data. This is all too often a daunting task as new and ever more powerful experimental techniques and tools can often yield vast amounts of complex data that in its raw form is often difficult to analyze.

Analysis of experimental data though is critical to scoring the fitness of a given hypothesis, re-engineering experimental research plans, validating proof of concept, and subsequent translation and development of emerging technologies beyond the research bench.

Data analysis requires a deep knowledge of available scientific literature, a strong command of the experimental techniques employed in the research plan, and overall experience and expertise in the process of data analysis and interpretation.

Data Review, Analysis, Interpretation, and Summary

  • Experimental data review
  • Critically review and quantify new technology capabilities based on experimental data
  • Translation of new technology towards the development of novel applications based on capabilities

Our diverse array of research professionals have participated in data analysis spanning a broad range of investigational directions. Through the nucleation of targeted and focused project teams centered on specific technology translation and/or development needs/goals, we can draw upon our rich and diverse experience and expertise, leveraging our scientific perspective and technical insight, toward supporting the realization of your project objectives.