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Munevar & Associates, Inc. is a life science technology development and commercialization strategy consulting company. Our mission is to couple scientific and technological expertise and experience, with commercialization insight and perspective, toward the development and commercialization of novel life-science centered innovations.

Company Snapshot: The company is comprised of an integrated, multidisciplinary team of researchers, technical, and business professionals focused on supporting the development and commercialization of novel life science centered products and services.

Below is a highlight of our novel suite of resources:

Innovation Accelerator – Multidisciplinary teams working to support your organization through leveraging our deep scientific, technical, and business domain knowledge, technical expertise, and experience toward developing winning strategies.

Catalyst Bioscience – Informed decision making is powerful decision making and we can support your due diligence process through information search and analysis, resource navigation, capabilities assessment, technology comparison, and market survey analysis helping solve your information needs.

Science Shaping Our World-SHOW – Translating the world of life science through specialized marketing resources, unique original programing, multimedia resources, and outreach tools helping you better communicate your science with the world.

Invite us to discuss how our team can play a role in supporting your ongoing life science centered projects.